This article focuses on some of the differences customers feel, especially, towards Abercrombie & Fitch. The article states “For Beautiful People Only” that is sad that in our society there are brands such as this that discriminate against people that they do not find “beautiful”. The article not only talks about the stereotypical customers A&F has, but also touches on law suits from employees of different races that were made to do jobs that were more in the back of the store. A&F was also boycotted by many feminists groups due to the crude slogans, and inappropriate items for children.


There are rarely images of models, and celebrity women that have not been altered or enhanced in someway or another. This article focuses on the main ways photoshopping is done to almost every type of advertising. Photoshopping creates an unrealistic image of what a women’s body is supposed to look like to not only women, but young girls as well. The average women tries and tries to look like these photos, when in reality the women in the photo does not even look like that.


This article not only focuses on why women and young girls have negative body images, but also on ways they can get help. They mention ways to take healthy steps to recover from body issues, and ways your family can help. It also hits on other cultures and their perception of body types.


Advertising and women this is a huge aspect of our everyday society. Advertising and the media give a specific image and body type for what women are expected to look like. However this image in not realistic and something needs to be done to stop this objectification. 


The article is something that all stores and advertising brands should focus on. The real beauty of girls, women, and models. All women are beautiful in their own way, and that should not be changed, enhanced, or airbrushed. Women are all unique with their eye color, hair color, skin color, tattoos, birth marks, freckles, shape of body, etc and that is all perfectly fine. Advertisements should not try to portray one specific body image or look because everyone is uniquely beautiful in their own way.  


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